The Effects Of Technology On Humanity

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What does it mean to be a human getting?

Well, it means many things, of course – but what the question is really asking is, What does it really mean to be a human being?

One of the things that define us as a species is that we can empathize. several primates show this capacity, too, a very special trait that’s apparently shared only with only one other set of creatures, dolphins. It is our capacity to think of others, to imagine their states as if it were our own, that makes us most human. With our powers of imagination and reasoning, we can understand.

Modern technology can work against understanding. It can work against our humanity if we let it. many individuals are so entirely consumed by videogames that they no longer interact with others – except within the context of a videogame. Even using so-called social media falls far short of traditional face-to-face interactions. Anyone of intelligence and maturity who tries out web chat can attest to the incredibly insipid ideas that pass for communications, one-liners typically about nothing in particular.

Do you wish to understand yourself? Then look to your relationships. Relationships are mirrors; they show us who we really are.

How do we treat other people? How we treat others shows us the kind of persons we are. Do we dismiss those of other religions? Do we scoff at individuals of other ethnic backgrounds? Maybe we shrug off people of other income levels. Perhaps we ignore those of other political persuasions.

Despite the interconnectedness of our modern digital world, we are generally much more isolated than ever before. Even family members, people who grow up together and spend so much time together, become estranged. How can we claim to love God, Whom we have not seen, if we cannot even love our neighbors and brothers and sisters, whom we do see?