STAINMASTER Carpets – Exclusive Fiber Technology

STAINMASTER carpets are an excellent range of carpets with plenty of colors and styles to choose from. STAINMASTER carpets are specifically designed using exclusive fiber technology, which help to maintain their beauty and shape.

STAINMASTER carpets feature a unique blend of aesthetics and technology that will keep your flooring beautiful, even after years of use. The sturdy fiber material retains the colors for a long time. Crafted with standard fiber technology, these carpets guarantee unique performance.

Constructed using exclusive fiber technology, STAINMASTER carpets are uniquely different from conventional carpets. STAINMASTER carpets are made using the strong nylon 6, 6 fiber, which ensures wear resistance and minimum maintenance. Each carpet fiber is twisted to make the carpet surface more resilient. The twisted fiber is then treated in a heat setting. This process strengthens the carpet, making it resistant to changes in texture and crushing due to heavy traffic. Tufted carpet is saturated with anti-stain solution and is ensured long lasting stain protection and durability.

STAINMASTER carpets feature an exclusive range of nylon 6, 6 fiber types that provide quality performance. Standard STAINMASTER carpet fiber reflects light and provides a richer feel. The ExtraBody II nylon fiber gives a dense feel and Tactesse nylon fiber imparts an extremely soft look to the carpets. Carpets constructed with Luxerell nylon fiber have a wool-like appearance and a luxurious look.

Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF) technology eliminates possibilities of carpet shedding and fuzzing. STAINMASTER carpets, constructed with the unique LotusFX Fiber Shield technology, repel soil and stain and minimize the chance of permanent stain. Instead of being absorbed, the spills bead up on the fiber allowing easy cleaning and increased vacuuming efficiency.

STAINMASTER flooring centers provide a complete selection of carpet products, promising a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The well arranged carpet display system allows you to pick the carpet you require within your budget.

Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings is an authorized STAINMASTER Flooring Center in New Jersey (NJ) ensuring hundreds of the latest styles, service and customer satisfaction. Our professional sales personnel will assist you in selecting the right STAINMASTER carpet for your home.

You can shop for STAINMASTER carpets backed by comprehensive warranty program, at our Edison and Lawrenceville stores in New Jersey (NJ).

Stainmaster Carpet Cushions – Odor Guard Technology

STAINMASTER carpet cushions featuring ODOR GUARD technology are the perfect addition to your STAINMASTER carpets to keep them fresh, clean and beautiful for many years.

Strong Value-added Features

Removing the odor and stain from your carpet may be difficult. Youll need something a bit stronger to remove the odor and stain that is lodged deep in the carpet fiber. Even then, you may not be completely successful in eliminating stubborn stains and odor. Installing the STAINMASTER carpet cushion is the ideal option, which will also help to enhance and maintain the beauty of your STAINMASTER carpet. STAINMASTER carpet cushion is featured with DuPont Hytrel breathable moisture barrier. It is this feature that blocks the moisture and keeps spills from soaking into the cushion. When spills occur, the STAINMASTER carpet repels spills and the carpet pad keeps them on the top of the cushion, which can then be removed during cleaning. The complete STAINMASTER carpet system thus works together to make it even easier to maintain.

Benefit from Unique ODOR GUARD Technology

The ODOR GUARD technology is another advanced feature incorporated in STAINMASTER carpet cushions. STAINMASTER carpet cushion is perfect to use in all areas of the home and under all types of carpets. While offering perfect protection against spills, pet accidents, dust and stains, and wear and tear from foot traffic, these carpet cushions will help to extend the life and beauty of your carpet.

Flooring material for your home and office can now be purchased from reputable dealers, who can provide you with quality products and services based on your requirements. STAINMASTER carpet cushions with ODOR GUARD technology can be bought at affordable prices from any store selling STAINMASTER carpets.