Spice Mobiles – Introducing a New Technology

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Spice had ventured this arena with a phone that had the ability to stand out of the crowd. The dual-sim phone provided instant comfort for people who carry two numbers with them. They have provided with various options like, phone covering two GSM networks, or two CDMA networks or one GSM and other CDMA network.

Spice has been the pioneer in introducing this technology but their phones have received mixed reviews. Some of their mobile phones have been disregarded for their poor battery life performance. The dual-sim technology eats up most of the battery juice while switching between networks and this has resulted in their diminished battery life. Spice has been working on this proposition and has started making handsets with enduring battery life performance.

Spice mobile have been thinking of launching low price mobile phones. They are aimed at users who need just the basic function of a mobile phone i.e. making and receiving calls. Spice mobile phones have tried to integrate features into their mobile phones making them multi-functional. When there are more than ten mobile companies are in competitions with one another, a clear positioning in consumer’s mind is more important than making a souffl of various phone features. No doubt spice has bought together technology and competitive prices to make its phones worthy, but what’s missing is the USP that can keep it alive in heads of the masses

Latest gaming mobile phone from Spice has incorporated high-end features into it. This has bundled the features with easy usability and priced it economically. This is the product that is gaining lots of media attention and its worth will be known pretty soon.

These days Spice has launched its mobile handsets with dual sim like, Spice D-80, Spice D-88, Spice D-90, Spice Spice D-88 has hit the market as India’s first phone with dual sim.D-80 and D-90 support only GSM network whereas Spice D-88 mobile phone supports both GSM and CDMA networks.

You may buy Spice mobile phones from retail outlets or from online through popular online mobile phone shopping websites. You can also compare phones price and features with othe phone in these comparison websites which will give you a clear specification analysis of the phones. You can filter your range, required features and other things too in these sites. The future of this spice seems bright with the kind of innovation they have incorporated. Being establish in one field is remarkable but to live up to that esteem is what lies ahead.

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