Screen Sharing to reduce CO2 Gas Emission

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The screen sharing technology simply lets you control the mouse and keyboard of one computer while you sit at another computer within the shouting distance or on the other side of the world. This technology is really useful for the business people to cut the travel cost and save time. With screen sharing, you can also help the planet to be healthy by reducing CO2 gas emission.
Help Reduce Carbon Emissions with Screen Sharing

While screen sharing technology is praised for making the completion of everyday business and personal tasks easier and quicker, it is still unknown to many that such a simple solution carries great benefits for the environment. By organizing business and private meetings to be held live over the web, the need to travel for a face-to-face meeting is radically diminished or even removed. The obvious result of such technology is a reduction in CO2 gas emissions and lower levels of air pollution. Another major benefit for the environment in using screen sharing technology is avoiding deforestation. Professionals would now use screen shots and emails instead of taking printouts and documents for face-to-face meetings.

On average, a single ton of paper would be produced from 17 trees. An individual tree is said to produce on average 476,637 sheets of paper.

Now just think about how many companies are using papers everyday for handouts in meetings and for other purposes. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Report the majority of decision-makers see screen sharing software as a viable alternative to cut CO2 emissions. So by implementing a sustainable carbon-neutral meeting culture, businesses can raise their profile as pioneers. There are numerous web conferencing vendors available in the market that serves its best to the users and our planet as well.

It is now possible to do the right thing for the planet and provide an excellent opportunity for companies to be visibly “green”.

Advantages of Screen Sharing Technology

Helps business people to train workers or update clients
Helps employees to collaborate and share knowledge with other co-worker or colleague from any location
Reduces the hassle of traveling
Saves money and time in traveling
Helps in reducing CO2 emissions
Helps through avoiding deforestation