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For the use of services, the T&C’s acceptance is necessary. It is being used cookies by the company. Since per the changed regulations from 26th May 2011, there has been a change for rules about the cookies on lottery online websites. The cookies with small text file are used now by this website, which are placed in the website computer that you visit. The cookies are used in order to make the websites can work more efficient and it is also to provide the information for the owners of the website. By joining lottery on online website as a member, while you are signing up, it means that you agree to allow the rule to use the open tracking to improve and monitor your email experience. This condition of membership is also a part of the condition in the privacy policy.

The essential cookie which enables the efficient operation of website part has already been set. You can choose to block and delete all the cookies from the site but that would affect for the functioning. Its Terms & Conditions part requires that you may accept the cookies. T&C’s can be accepted by two things, clicking it to agree or accept with the T&C’s rule, wherever this option is available for the user interface in any service, and by having the actual use of the services, you have to agree and understand about that smart winners will treat your service use as the acceptance of the T&C’s from the point.

The use of T&C’s and the services are based on the following absence clauses that first is, you are not in legal age to form the binding contract with the smart winners, and the second is you are a person who barred from accepting the services under the United Kingdom laws or the other countries include your resident country or from which you use that services. The submission and registration of telephone and mobile details would be counted as the consent to accept the promotional offers from the smart winners of Smart Tech group and the other selected reputable organizations. You may also agree to the terms and conditions in the privacy statement that tell you how your information will successfully be processed. This document should be read in the conjunction with such an interconnecting, the Terms of Use Policy, the Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy may applicable to all the Player Members by using all of it or any part of Irish lottery online websites.