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Sizing between the smartphones & laptop computers, the iPads can run its own apps plus iPhone apps. Moreover, similar to other Apple devices just like iPhone & iPod Touch, it also flaunts a multi-touch display, which was, of course, a revolution in the history of tablet computers. Wi-Fi, 3G and USB connectivity are the other awesome attributes of this gadget.

First iPad
This first generation tablet was rolled out in April 2010, and gained a warm welcome from the ubergeeks. In merely 80 days of brief period, it recorded the sale of over 3 million pieces. Time Magazine selected it as one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2010, whereas Popular Science termed it as the top gadget.

iPad 2
Apple launched this second generation tablet in March, 2011. Approx 33% thinner than its old sibling, it boasts of a more powerful processor, a dual core Apple A5 2X fast as its predecessor for CPU operations and up to 9 X fast for GPU operations. Yet, it features original’s 10-hour battery life as well as pricing scheme.

iPad 3
This third generation tablet is rumored to come in September 2011 or in early 2012. It is also expected to be arriving with undermentioned features:

1.A dual-core processor Apple’s A5 if launch in 2011or A6 in case of 2012
2.A retina display like in the iPhone 4
3.An NFC chip like in upcoming iPhone 5
4.128GB storage option contrary to 16/32/64GB storage of iPad 2
5. Thunderbolt port like in 2011 MacBook Pro
6.Packed with iOS 5 and a cloud-based MobileMe for storing the stuff on Apple’s servers
7.An SD card slot, which was predicted for iPad 2 but didn’t materialize
8.Rear-facing camera like of iPhone 4 with flash

Diverse usages of Apple iPads:

1.Business: For increasing employee productivity, reducing paperwork, and increasing revenue. For instance managers approving employee requests, attorneys responding to clients, medical professionals accessing health records while checking patient

2.Education: 81% of the top book apps of iPad are aimed for children, hence they have proved a precious tool for homeschooling and learning communication & socialization. Various colleges and universities are also using these devices

3.Music: In addition to iTunes music playback software, iPad also supports multiple music creation apps like sound samplers, guitar and voice effects processors, virtual synthesizers & drum machines, touch responsive instruments, drum pads etc.
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